30% ruling application

Taxsight can assist you with the 30% ruling application process. We can assist you to review your situation in detail so that you know whether you qualify or not.

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If we come to the conclusion that you qualify we can apply for the 30% ruling application. The application needs to be filed on behalf of the employer and employee.

  • We will send you a checklist for the information that is needed in order to review your situation in detail;

  • After the review we will contact you to discuss whether you are eligible or not and on which grounds;

  • If we come to the conclusion that you are eligible we will prepare the documents that need to be signed by the employer and employee;

  • After we have all signed documents we will file the application to the tax office;

  • The tax office sends us mostly within 2-3 week a letter with the notification that they received our application;

  • The tax office takes 6-8 weeks to review the application. This could be a longer period;

  • Finally we will receive the notification that the 30% ruling is granted or denied. The tax office could also require additional information before they make a decision.


If it is granted we will check whether it is granted for the correct period and inform you how to process the 30% ruling application. In case it is denied we will check on which grounds and file an appeal if necessary.

Requirements for the 30% ruling application

The employee has to be recruited from abroad; 


Salary requirement;

  • If younger than 30 years of age and the salary is at least € 29.616 (2021) it is required that you are in the possession of a master degree;
  • If older than 30 years of age it is required that the salary is at least € 38.961 (2021);

  • For scientist and research workers at universities and knowledge organizations there is no salary standard required;

  • Distance requirement; the employee must have lived in the 2 years before the first workday in the Netherlands for at least 16 months more than 150 km from the Dutch border

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